Collage Painter is a simple and powerful app for combining images

Amazing new way to
  • Do photo mashups and makeovers
  • Design cards and invitations
  • Decorate your house
  • Create artwork

Collage Painter
iPad 2 and higher.
Requires iOS 6.0 or later.

Transform the corners of your source art to fit the perspective of the background.

Lock the layer's rotation, scale or position in place for precision placement.

Use built-in web browser to find and quickly load source images.

Create captions with many fonts and options.

Use Emoji symbols to create art.

Use a built-in collection of shapes and symbols as stencils for your collage.

Create your own collections with favorite images for quick access.

Tint your images with color, using different tinting modes.

Pick tint color from the canvas to match the background.

Apply non-destructive effects to source images.

Use Blur, Sharpen, Outline and Shadow to create special effects.

Quickly design a perfect paint brush.

Use various painting modes to blend source images.

Simulate rough painting surfaces with Canvas Textures.

Load source images from various sources, including the Pasteboard.

Save your work to Camera Roll, post to Facebook and Twitter, email out, or copy to Pasteboard.

Learn the basics from the tutorial, or check out built-in help for more in-depth information.